Megan Phonesavanh ("pawn-suh-vawn") is a Turkish-American adoptee from sunny Arizona!  She grew up writing (weird) stories and drawing comics (also weird) in the back of her school notebooks. To many a dismayed teachers' surprise, she wound up with an art scholarship and said "Actually I WILL do this for a living thank you!" After graduating top of her class with a degree in Media Art and Animation and continuing her education at Concept Design Academy and Brainstorm School, Megan has worked in the Animation industry as a Character Designer and Story Artist for studios including Netflix, Disney Jr. and Cartoon Network.

Megan was recently selected as a Netflix Feature Animation Story Apprentice, has worked on Emmy nominated television productions, and is a versatile multi-disciplinary artist and writer who believes in the power of empathetic storytelling.

In her spare time, Megan hosts a Twitch stream to share free art insights, education, industry chat and behind the scenes peaks at her latest personal projects. She now lives in nearly-as-sunny Los Angeles with her husband and two (also also weird) cats.

Megan is not accepting commission requests, series pitches, or work for independent projects that are not yet funded at this time. 

Megan would love to talk with you about picture book Author/Illustrator representation! She is also open to freelance and contractual union-rate Story and Character Design work.